Monday, December 19, 2011

Thank you!

December is here and nearly gone - a flash of days before my eyes!!
I don't know what it is about having 2 children that speeds up the days, weeks, months... but it DOES - ask any mom and they will tell ya!
So here we are - the month of December, the last page of the calendar, the last two weeks of the month and probably the busiest 2 weeks of everyones year. Getting together with family and celebrating Christmas and New Year and having all these "events" to leave you with your head spinning and wondering... WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!

that's where I'm at now... what just happened... the year is GONE!
2011 was the mark of my photography independence, not that I was restricted before 2011 but I really started putting more time into learning how to make a beautiful images and more about lighting and post processing. I have come so FAR in just one year it's pretty amazing what you can accomplish with a little desire, motivation, google and youtube! ha

SO with the year end and a new one ready to begin... it's much the same in the world of ALArms Photography. My 50% portfolio building discount is about to be gone with 2011 - regular prices will be in effect on all sessions. I still have not had any newborns this year so if you are going to have a baby soon let me know, deals will be granted for newborns! :o)

You can still book your spring session now until the end of the year at the discounted rate.. but come 1-1-12 and that discount is gone. If interested contact me at to make payment arrangements.

I want to thank all of you who allowed me to create your images and hope that you will enjoy them for a lifetime!

thank you all for a great year, I truly enjoy this thing called photography and by you allowing me to shoot you and your family you have helped me realize a dream that I never really gave too much thought into making a reality! I can't say it enough... THANK YOU!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

© ALArms Photography | Christmas Love | Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available:
Give the gift of MEMORIES for Christmas!
Christmas time is upon us....
Here we are again in the season of thankfulness, gift giving, family occasions and love.

I love this time of year, decorating our house with beautiful (expensive) brightly colored LED lights, and putting up our Christmas tree with that beautiful angel that sits on top with her molting feathery wings that get all over everything in the decoration box, putting all the ornaments on the tree, listening to Christmas music and shopping for our friends and family and especially our kids and our anticipation of the excitement that will ensure on Christmas morning when our babies wake up and see that Santa has been there and all the things that were asked for, were received!! The magic and wonderment of the Christmas season for children is amazing - I LOVE seeing that written all over their faces!

Christmas time for me is about love, memories, giving and the feeling you get when you have helped someone feel good or put a smile on their face.

My job as a photographer is almost like Christmas with every shoot. When I come home after a session with a camera full of images I can't WAIT to get them on my computer so I can see what we spectacular images I have captured.
While going through a session to choose the perfect photos for a gallery, I am taken back in the moment and I remember the funny thing that happened or was said and I sit there in front of my computer screen laughing or smiling just like I was in that moment, I wonder if the family that will potentially have this photo hanging in their home will do the same thing, will they love this photo like I do?

Sometimes I literally LOL and the husband thinks I'm not working but playing online. If only he knew how much enjoyment I get from taking photos!

I hope there is something in your life that you love, that makes you light up like a Christmas tree and smile and enjoy yourself like it's Christmas morning and your 5 years old, just waking up to see that Santa has brought you the toy you have been talking about and begging to have for an entire year!

I do HOPE that for you!

I am so thankful that you and the rest of my clients have allowed me to realize a dream that was just that only a short time ago.

The question:
if you could be anything in the world, what would it be?

My Answer:
even though it's only part time... this is it! 

This is what I do because I love it!

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

© ALArms Photography | Holiday Product - offer ends December 11, 2011

On December 11, 2011 I will be placing an order for personalized holiday gift wrap if you would like one of the designs below using your previous session photos, please email me with the specifics.

COST: $20.00 per roll - includes 1-3 day shipping


 Your holiday presents will look sweeter this season with this personalized christmas bird wrapping paper. Designed in red and light blue, this design features two tweeting birds, branches, and snowflakes as a backdrop for two of your favorite photos and a special message. Measures 19.75 x 76.75in. One roll will wrap three medium size gifts.

 With bright red and white stripes, candy canes, and scattered peppermints, this design captures the sweet spirit of the season! Write a custom message and display two photos of your own with this bright, holiday wrapping paper. Measures 19.75 x 76.75in. One roll will wrap three medium size gifts.

This trendy wrapping paper design, printed in red, brown, yellow and lime green features three of your favorite photos along with personalized text. Measures 19.75 x 76.75in. One roll will wrap three medium size gifts.

 Celebrate the holiday season with personalized gift wrap that's bright and fun! Featuring stylized trees with colorful patterns, bold holly red, and a crisp white background, this design has room for two photos and a custom message of your own. Measures 19.75 x 76.75in. One roll will wrap three medium size gifts.

Make a bold colorful statement with this wrapping paper design. Three of your favorite photos are featured with a spectrum of bold colors offset with black. Measures 19.75 x 76.75in. One roll will wrap three medium size gifts.

Choose this bright colored wrapping paper design featuring two of your favorite photos along with personalized text. Measures 19.75 x 76.75in. One roll will wrap three medium size gifts.

This Christmas gift wrap is perfect for any member of the family. Personalize with your own picture and up to 3 unique greetings. Measures 19.75 x 76.75in. One roll will wrap three medium size gifts.

Clearly stamped from the North Pole step up that extra special package with your personalized photos. Measures 19.75 x 76.75in. One roll will wrap three medium size gifts.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

© ALArms Photography | Family Photographer | Clermont, Kentucky | Frazier Family

Think about the holidays and it reminds me of family - the craziness, the cahos, the kookiness of family but fun family's like this are what makes my job so much fun on a shoot. I love when people come to have a good time and they don't get all caught up on getting that PERFECT shot because the result from attitudes like these....ironically... THE PERFECT SHOT.
Showing everyone personalities and character, showing the family bond in a photograph and having that photo around for decades!!

i love my job!
thank you for letting me be a mear "moment" of memories of your family :o)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL | Potrait Photography | Louisville Photographer | Bullitt County Photographer

To all my blog readers (all 2 of ya) and passersby; I have a Black Friday deal for you!

I am going to give 80% off the full potrait session.**
Regular full session price: $100.00 minus 80% equals $20.00 THAT'S RIGHT ONLY 20 bucks for a full 60 minute photo session includes 5-10 Internet images uploaded to facebook (feel free to right click save these images and use on other networking sites) and a gallery of 15 - 20+ images to choose from when making your print selections.

No time limit upon which to use the session purchased.

That means you can purchase a 20 dollar session NOW and wait until Spring to use it
You could purchase a 20 dollar session for a friend or family member for Christmas and I will send you a gift certificate reflecting the $100.00 value

**This offer does NOT include the small package that normally comes with the full session price. Offer valid until November 30, 2011


Saturday, November 5, 2011

© ALArms Photography | Maternity Photographer | Couples Photographer | Clermont, Kentucky | Lile - Bump

This cute little couple is expecting a little girl in December - on the 8th to be exact. Of course as any expectant parents (especially expectant mothers) in the last few weeks of pregnancy, they are hoping for SOONER rather than later! I have known the "soon to be dad" in these photos for, gosh, like 20 something years! He is the daddy of 4 boys.... and little miss number 5 is going to have a load of brotherly love, protection and guidance from her family. I was so happy to hear that they were having a girl - I do believe this daddy needs a little heartbreaking girl in his life! :o) haha
You think you have your hands full with four boys... just wait till little Kelby-Lynn comes along. There is no love in the world quite like a father and his daughter...

Congrats guys and thanks for letting me snap some photos of this special moment in your life.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

November Exclusive

Christmas Mini Session will include the following:
Half hour session at a location of YOUR choosing
UP TO 10 internet photos posted to facebook
Personalized Christmas Card (as seen above) with digital file and print release
An additional digital file of your favorite pose, also with print release

Print Package
16 wallets


Christmas Cards
25 greeting cards with your favorite photo, family name and year on the front with blank inside to write your own message.

Discounted Pricing includes:
50% off all al a carte prints
30% off all Deluxe Package Options
15% off all Print Package Options

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

© ALArms Photography | Engagement Photographer | Couples Photographer | Clermont, Kentucky | Soon to be Mr & Mrs Fleener

I had the pleasure of shooting this fun couple, the soon to be Mr & Mrs Fleener. I do believe I haven't had that much fun on a shoot before, well, not with a couple that I don't really know on a personal basis. They had so many great ideas and I think their input along with my ideas made one heck of a turn out on their photos. I am so excited to show their proofs!
If I was a wedding photographer, I would LOVE to do this couples ceremony and celebration, I can tell just by a few hours with them that they are a great couple and already have this "old married couple" feel... and I am saying that in the nicest way possible.
You know how when you meet a couple and they compliment each other so well, that it's like they have been together forever? That's how I feel about these two.
Friendships make the most amazing marriages and I have a feeling these two were friends before lovers.
CONGRATS on your engagement and hope your big day is as amazing as you guys are!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

© ALArms Photography | Family Photographer | Child Photographer | Louisville, Kentucky | Dillman - Forbes Family

This, this right here, THIS is FAMILY!
These are the Dillman sisters and their families.
I think sessions like these, where the whole family is involved are probably the most comfortable, everyone there, just being themselves and having fun.
To me, family is God's gift to you, he gave you a mother and father to take care of you, brothers and sisters to mold you, and how do you repay him? By loving your family for everything they are and all that they are not.
I love these girls, not only because they are Marks cousins; my cousins, but because they offer an unconditional love that is beyond words.
I tell you what... if i wouldn't have married mark for love... i would have married him for his big ol' extended family!! Something i never had, and was intimidated by in the beginning, but have grown so fond of!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

© ALArms Photography | Family Photographer | Louisville, Kentucky | Mt.Washington, Kentucky | Miracle Family

Meet the Miracle family - as cute as they can be...
When i got to their place, the kids were outside all dressed up and waiting to say cheese. The littlest girl was standing there waving at me, which made me happy because i knew that if she would wave for me, she would SMILE for me. She was super cute and her sister was like a model reincarnated, she was posing all over the place for me! LOVED IT! The little boy on the other hand was a little more work, not because he was a boy and not willing to cooperate because he actually did really well, he had just lost a tooth tho and did NOT want to smile for me so i had my work cut out for me there but he did great!
This family reminds me a lot of my own, the way everyones personalities worked with everyone elses... the littlest Miracle had an attitude that was something fierce i can only imagine that my Kaylin will be the same one day! HA Anyway enough chat and on to the photos:

Monday, September 19, 2011

Photog Spotlight

For any reason, should i not be able to take care of your photography needs, i do have several recommendations, depending on what those needs maybe.... This photog would be my first recommendation in almost any and every situation.

This photog has a special place in my heart because, ONE, She is my sister and even though we never grew up together or got to play together as children, we have some of the same interests and hobby's. TWO, because she is inspirational, she has a heart made of gold and truly views the world thru God's eyes. These are just some of the reasons why i love her and below is another!

She did my Kaylins preparatory 1st bday photos for her birthday invites. Click the photo to view MORE from Kay's session. I am having a hard time figuring out which one i like better for invites. sighhh... it's good to have these sort of problems! :o)

click here if your having trouble.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

© ALArms Photography | Family Photographer | Louisville, Kentucky | Jablon Family


Family shoot last night turned out pretty great for an semi cooperative 2 3/4 year old! I had to do a combo photo because it was such a CUTE shot but out of the 5 or so snaps, there was only one where everyone was looking at me... BUT the little girl had her eyes closed... sigh.. BUT fear not, i tried my best (about 2 hours of my best) to fix it and combine 2 photos to make one. is there an easier way to do this? if you are a photographer passing by... PLEASE let me know what your method is! THANKS Anyway, here are a few of my favs from the session.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

© ALArms Photography | Child Photographer | Louisville, Kentucky | Kaylin

This is my baby girl Kaylin - she turned 10 months on August 13th, so we had mini session out in our front yard... i think they turned out pretty good for spur of the moment. :o) She was/still is trying to cut a tooth so she wasn't as smiley as she normally is... but hopefully by her 11 months shoot (in about 2 weeks) i can get some upper teeth smiles, that poor baby has been struggling with this top tooth tryin to come in... poor thing!!

10 months!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

© ALArms Photography | Child Photographer | Louisville, Kentucky | Victoria

Meet Baby Victoria, this little girl is one i have been shooting since she was born, she is super adorable and per her momma, only likes to have her photos taking with me rather than one of those chain places... which i am perfectly happy with. She was running around all over the place which i kind of figured she would be so i was READY! the session began with a big ol smile and ended with a hug... how sweet is that... i love this little girl!

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