Tuesday, September 27, 2011

© ALArms Photography | Family Photographer | Child Photographer | Louisville, Kentucky | Dillman - Forbes Family

This, this right here, THIS is FAMILY!
These are the Dillman sisters and their families.
I think sessions like these, where the whole family is involved are probably the most comfortable, everyone there, just being themselves and having fun.
To me, family is God's gift to you, he gave you a mother and father to take care of you, brothers and sisters to mold you, and how do you repay him? By loving your family for everything they are and all that they are not.
I love these girls, not only because they are Marks cousins; my cousins, but because they offer an unconditional love that is beyond words.
I tell you what... if i wouldn't have married mark for love... i would have married him for his big ol' extended family!! Something i never had, and was intimidated by in the beginning, but have grown so fond of!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

© ALArms Photography | Family Photographer | Louisville, Kentucky | Mt.Washington, Kentucky | Miracle Family

Meet the Miracle family - as cute as they can be...
When i got to their place, the kids were outside all dressed up and waiting to say cheese. The littlest girl was standing there waving at me, which made me happy because i knew that if she would wave for me, she would SMILE for me. She was super cute and her sister was like a model reincarnated, she was posing all over the place for me! LOVED IT! The little boy on the other hand was a little more work, not because he was a boy and not willing to cooperate because he actually did really well, he had just lost a tooth tho and did NOT want to smile for me so i had my work cut out for me there but he did great!
This family reminds me a lot of my own, the way everyones personalities worked with everyone elses... the littlest Miracle had an attitude that was something fierce i can only imagine that my Kaylin will be the same one day! HA Anyway enough chat and on to the photos:

Monday, September 19, 2011

Photog Spotlight

For any reason, should i not be able to take care of your photography needs, i do have several recommendations, depending on what those needs maybe.... This photog would be my first recommendation in almost any and every situation.

This photog has a special place in my heart because, ONE, She is my sister and even though we never grew up together or got to play together as children, we have some of the same interests and hobby's. TWO, because she is inspirational, she has a heart made of gold and truly views the world thru God's eyes. These are just some of the reasons why i love her and below is another!

She did my Kaylins preparatory 1st bday photos for her birthday invites. Click the photo to view MORE from Kay's session. I am having a hard time figuring out which one i like better for invites. sighhh... it's good to have these sort of problems! :o)

click here if your having trouble.

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