Tuesday, September 20, 2011

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Meet the Miracle family - as cute as they can be...
When i got to their place, the kids were outside all dressed up and waiting to say cheese. The littlest girl was standing there waving at me, which made me happy because i knew that if she would wave for me, she would SMILE for me. She was super cute and her sister was like a model reincarnated, she was posing all over the place for me! LOVED IT! The little boy on the other hand was a little more work, not because he was a boy and not willing to cooperate because he actually did really well, he had just lost a tooth tho and did NOT want to smile for me so i had my work cut out for me there but he did great!
This family reminds me a lot of my own, the way everyones personalities worked with everyone elses... the littlest Miracle had an attitude that was something fierce i can only imagine that my Kaylin will be the same one day! HA Anyway enough chat and on to the photos:

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