Tuesday, September 27, 2011

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This, this right here, THIS is FAMILY!
These are the Dillman sisters and their families.
I think sessions like these, where the whole family is involved are probably the most comfortable, everyone there, just being themselves and having fun.
To me, family is God's gift to you, he gave you a mother and father to take care of you, brothers and sisters to mold you, and how do you repay him? By loving your family for everything they are and all that they are not.
I love these girls, not only because they are Marks cousins; my cousins, but because they offer an unconditional love that is beyond words.
I tell you what... if i wouldn't have married mark for love... i would have married him for his big ol' extended family!! Something i never had, and was intimidated by in the beginning, but have grown so fond of!

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