Tuesday, October 25, 2011

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I had the pleasure of shooting this fun couple, the soon to be Mr & Mrs Fleener. I do believe I haven't had that much fun on a shoot before, well, not with a couple that I don't really know on a personal basis. They had so many great ideas and I think their input along with my ideas made one heck of a turn out on their photos. I am so excited to show their proofs!
If I was a wedding photographer, I would LOVE to do this couples ceremony and celebration, I can tell just by a few hours with them that they are a great couple and already have this "old married couple" feel... and I am saying that in the nicest way possible.
You know how when you meet a couple and they compliment each other so well, that it's like they have been together forever? That's how I feel about these two.
Friendships make the most amazing marriages and I have a feeling these two were friends before lovers.
CONGRATS on your engagement and hope your big day is as amazing as you guys are!

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