Saturday, November 5, 2011

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This cute little couple is expecting a little girl in December - on the 8th to be exact. Of course as any expectant parents (especially expectant mothers) in the last few weeks of pregnancy, they are hoping for SOONER rather than later! I have known the "soon to be dad" in these photos for, gosh, like 20 something years! He is the daddy of 4 boys.... and little miss number 5 is going to have a load of brotherly love, protection and guidance from her family. I was so happy to hear that they were having a girl - I do believe this daddy needs a little heartbreaking girl in his life! :o) haha
You think you have your hands full with four boys... just wait till little Kelby-Lynn comes along. There is no love in the world quite like a father and his daughter...

Congrats guys and thanks for letting me snap some photos of this special moment in your life.

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