Thursday, December 8, 2011

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Christmas time is upon us....
Here we are again in the season of thankfulness, gift giving, family occasions and love.

I love this time of year, decorating our house with beautiful (expensive) brightly colored LED lights, and putting up our Christmas tree with that beautiful angel that sits on top with her molting feathery wings that get all over everything in the decoration box, putting all the ornaments on the tree, listening to Christmas music and shopping for our friends and family and especially our kids and our anticipation of the excitement that will ensure on Christmas morning when our babies wake up and see that Santa has been there and all the things that were asked for, were received!! The magic and wonderment of the Christmas season for children is amazing - I LOVE seeing that written all over their faces!

Christmas time for me is about love, memories, giving and the feeling you get when you have helped someone feel good or put a smile on their face.

My job as a photographer is almost like Christmas with every shoot. When I come home after a session with a camera full of images I can't WAIT to get them on my computer so I can see what we spectacular images I have captured.
While going through a session to choose the perfect photos for a gallery, I am taken back in the moment and I remember the funny thing that happened or was said and I sit there in front of my computer screen laughing or smiling just like I was in that moment, I wonder if the family that will potentially have this photo hanging in their home will do the same thing, will they love this photo like I do?

Sometimes I literally LOL and the husband thinks I'm not working but playing online. If only he knew how much enjoyment I get from taking photos!

I hope there is something in your life that you love, that makes you light up like a Christmas tree and smile and enjoy yourself like it's Christmas morning and your 5 years old, just waking up to see that Santa has brought you the toy you have been talking about and begging to have for an entire year!

I do HOPE that for you!

I am so thankful that you and the rest of my clients have allowed me to realize a dream that was just that only a short time ago.

The question:
if you could be anything in the world, what would it be?

My Answer:
even though it's only part time... this is it! 

This is what I do because I love it!

Merry Christmas!


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