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2014 Senior Pics | Senior Rep Program | Louisville Senior Photographer

The Senior Rep Program


       You must be a Junior or Senior of a local public or private high school with an outgoing personality and a substantial GPA being involved in your school through activities or associations and/or the community.

       You must not make negative or nasty comments or remarks of any kind about other photographers’ works or their personal creative opinions or anyone for that matter.

       You must be willing to encourage peers to "like" ALArms Photography fan page on Facebook, follow me on twitter and view the website for pricing details as well as frequently asked questions. If someone asks you a question that you don't know, please don't guess, please send them to my site or have them email or call me.

       You must be willing to communicate regularly with ALArms Photography by email, text, phone etc. about how the program is going, your progress and for replacement business cards—if necessary.

       You must have a Facebook/Twitter profile and agree to use it for marketing, additionally making your profile photo and/or cover photo one from our sessions for the duration of your senior year.

       You have to agree to ONLY represent ALArms Photography and put in a 100% genuine effort toward the success of ALArms Photography, in turn earning credits toward your products. (The ONLY exception is if you would like to do traditional formal pose from your yearbook photographer you may, as I do not offer "drape" photos)

Ok so if you think you fit the requirements... now you get to choose which option fits you.
 *Program Options*
There are TWO OPTIONS for the senior rep program:

OPTION A: what you get
A CRAZY discounted price of ONLY $75.00
First session, is the REP session and will happen the spring before your Senior Year, so it's important to apply ASAP! Multiple outfit changes included.
Second session is to happen Summer or Fall of your senior year, with multiple outfit changes.
Don’t forget about the “friend” session – you can add a friend to either of these two sessions at no charge

25-50 business/referral cards and free Smart Phone App of your entire gallery to share with family and friends.

OPTION B: what you get
FREE 1 hour session and will happen the spring before your Senior Year, so it's important to apply ASAP!

25-50 business/referral cards and free Smart Phone App of your entire gallery to share with family and friends.

Bonus session is available to both options - If you obtain 3 or more referrals before your prints are ordered toward the end of the school year, you will then be qualified for a BONUS session!

You can use your BONUS session anytime you would like, for whatever you would like and with whomever you would like, but you have to have gotten at least three paid referrals before its scheduled. (ideas for bonus session: homecoming, prom, random event etc.)

The more hype you build the more involved you will become in the program.

All you have to do is tell your friends about me, where to find me, hand out some business cards/rep. cards, and let me use your photos on marketing materials. *A minor release form would need to be signed by parents if under the age of 18.

The personalized photo-business cards will have images from your sessions and are for you to pass out to all your Senior friends. For each SENIOR that books a session and pays the appointment fee and fulfills their session to completion, you will get $10.00 CASH reward or $20.00 credit toward a print package, a la carte purchases or digital images purchase. 

REMEMBER: Your referrals MUST state that they were sent/referred by you at the time of booking to receive your CASH or credits as well as a discount on their session price.

SOOO your sitting there thinking, "this is a crazy good deal, what's the catch?"

The only catch to this program is that you have to be a walking, talking marketing tool for ALArms Photography. You have to be willing to "get the word out" to all your friends and even some people you don't know. Outgoing personalities and 110% effort are a must! You must also agree to NOT have your senior photos done by anyone else, even a friend with a nice camera. Thats IT!

Now it's time to fill out the application

To fill out an application to be considered as a senior rep for ALArms Photography... click the following link or paste the following in your web browser:

Other opportunities available:
For all senior reps you will be able to contribute in other ways as well...

Writing articles about you and being featured on my sites

Other Modeling opportunities: I work with other vendors like salons, make-up professionals and other photographers that may need volunteer models.

Mentoring opportunities, if interested in photography let me know and ask questions I would love to teach you the basics or even advanced photography techniques

Being featured on my sites with your hobbies or extracurricular activities 
Assistant opportunities: Should I have a large family with several children I will require an assistant, if you are interested in seeing how other shoots go and would like to volunteer your time, please let me know.

Learn Photography tricks, tips and ideas (manual mode, dslr): advanced photography lessons can be arranged if, again, you are interested. 

Please let me know if you are interested in ANY of these opportunities I will be GLAD to help you, help me, help you! haha

If after reading this information, you still have questions feel free to contact me at Amanda@ALArmsPhotography.com

More SENIOR Information:


Survivor or Fighter | Celebrate Life!
I am a Participating Photographer for

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