Sunday, February 12, 2012

Project 52 - Glimpses week 6

It's the week of Valentines Day 

I wanted to share the valentines I made for Tre this year.

It was pretty FREEZING outside this day and Tre was doing good but i forgot to get my settings together BEFORE we went outside so it took me a little longer than usual because i tend to prepare with Tre because i know he has an attention span of literally 10 seconds. So i was trying to get him to look at the camera and make a good smile instead of a crazy, cheesy smile but all he was giving was CRAZINESS (that's my boy).

Somewhere in the midst of his crazy smile he started giving me a good smile because he was making "crazy eyes" and he thought he was being funny. At the time i was getting frustrated because he wasn't doing what i wanted but when i got them on the computer to see if ANYTHING AT ALL turned out... this one jumped at me.

It totally shows Tres personality... pure goofiness!
Child stands NO chance with parents like Mark n me. :o) HA

I can't even remember where i seen this idea but i thought it was super cute and something you can use for any holiday or even birthday parties or baby showers etc.  

So if this is something your interested in, let me know the day of your shoot so we can make sure to get a photo for it.

If your ONLY interested in something like this with out the rest of the "session" let me know.

 Join the fun at chic critique and share a glimpses from your life :o)

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