Friday, February 24, 2012

"What should I do to prepare for my photo session?" Part 4 of 6 - Children

In concession with the previous "What should I do to prepare for my photo session?" posts, if you missed them start with Part 1 the other posts are linked in the first post and they have a lot of good tips to inspire you to look your best for your shoot.

This prep list is in regards to Children sessions and what you should do to look your best when your session arrives.

  • Clean, clean, clean – clean nails, clean hair, wipe away eye boogers, clean feet (sandals on kids = black feet!), wipe snotty noses, fresh-scrub teeth. The cleaner the kid, the better their photos will turn out. Bring wet wipes because as a mother, I know that a child (at any age) can always be wiped down! 

  • If your child is still in diapers or pull-ups, tuck’em in or wear bloomers or diaper covers under dresses and skirts.

  • If your child is still of napping age, make sure they nap before the shoot. I always advise to make sure you schedule your session AROUND nap time, this is very important and some first time mommas may not think of this so schedule your session early in the morning before nap time or late in the afternoon or evening after nap time.

  • It is perfectly okay to bring bribes to a photo shoot – given a stage and being the center of attention, it’s like our kids know exactly when to act their worst. Some cereal, smarties or other candy that won’t stain teeth can help a short photo shoot go by smoothly.

  • Parents don't freak out if your children are not cooperating, I am very patient and if need be will take your child on a walk... just me and them so we can get away from all the "pressure".

  • For smaller children bring a favorite toy or something that usually gets them smiling or laughing. Squeaky toys are great for toddlers.

  • Avoid colorful drinks or lollypops within 24 hours of your shoot, don’t let them eat or drink anything that will stain their face, teeth or mouths.

  • Wardrobe – For girls, you can’t go wrong with cute dresses, rompers, and dainty hats or headbands. For boys, jeans and polos or a button-up shirt, or a T-shirt with a button-up over it can be very cute, as well as overalls on the right age and personality. For siblings, the children don’t have to match perfectly, just coordinate. You can’t go wrong with dark, rich monotones, which drive the attention in photos to sweet faces and darling expressions instead of loud prints or colors. If nothing else, pick a color that compliments your child’s eye color.

If you have further questions about what you should wear for your session whether your man or woman feel free to visit my pinterest board dedicated to Inspire YOUR style there are several styling suggestions for men, women, and children of all ages. Email me if you have any other questions not addressed here

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