Monday, March 12, 2012

Louisville Family Photography | Brooks Morton Schultz Family?

Meet this awesome family!

Doing shoots with older generations and younger generations are always fun it's like being invited to someones Thanksgiving celebration with the mixed personalities and such.

Grandpa was a hoot and very funny display of "ok I'm ready" and "lets get this over with".

It was the day after his 85th birthday and the whole family got together to get some family shots taken.

Afterward Grandpa was very proud to show me the photo on the bottom, with him in his navy uniform. He said, "Look, that's me, I was only 18!"

It's amazing how time flies by and suddenly you look around and you have this created life and they have created life and before you know it your holding your great grandchild in your arms!

Everyone in the world wants to stop the aging process, we all want to be young and vibrant FOREVER, but that will just never happen and at some point you get tired of fighting the inevitable and just let it be... i think that's why they call it the "Golden Years" because you stop caring and finally start living.

Happy Birthday to You and may God bless you - oh wait, he already has!

Thank you all for the session, I enjoyed every minute of it.


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Mira Crisp said...

I love that last photo of the grandpa holding the baby. You are right, times does fly by like crazy.

ALArms Photography said...

Thanks for your comment Mira - that photo was one of my favs too. Did you notice how much he looks like him too!

Anonymous said...

Amanda, thank you so much for the precious words. We were very pleased with what you did with what you had to work with (no double chin)! I will be proud to let everyone know that AlArms Photography did our pictures. Thank you again.

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