Saturday, March 31, 2012

Louisville Newborn Photographer | Baby Fisher

I have been in business now for slightly less than an a year - ALArms Photography's birthday is in April tho so it's literally in a few days, or a day if you just want to go the easy route and call it April Fools, er, i mean April First! MORE of that discussion soon - i digress...

SOOO back to what i was saying, it's been a year and i have had ZERO newborns... count em... Zero, None, Zip, Zilch, Notta... until now!

I put out a call for newborns on facebook and the first person to respond was this ones momma, isn't she adorable? Don't let the dramatic expression fool ya.. she did AWESOME for this shoot and i was surprised at how well she handled all the moving her around that was being done.  

This is a great family and Momma Fisher is just a super sweet girl, an awesome mom - i can tell these things! :o)

Enjoy them while they are so small and cuddly because they do NOT stay that way for long - one day, not too far from now your going to look up at your little tiny baby walking around and ruling the roost.

Hope you enjoyed my first newborn shoot.

If you are pregnant and expecting a precious bundle of joy or 4 anytime soon... feel free to check out my pricing for newborn sessions and don't forget about the "it's your birthday" package that includes 5 portrait sessions and a total of 7 hours of shoot time, sessions included are Newborn (less than 10 days old), 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months.

Each session will include 60 minutes of shoot time except the newborn session, where you get a whopping 3 hours!

With each session includes a password protected gallery of 15-20 amazing, professionally-edited images from which to choose, as well as 1-5 web images posted to facebook and a print package of (1) 8x10, (3) 5x7, and (8) wallets of your favorite poses. (notice i said poses and not pose)

Payment plans will be accepted with this package. Payment in full is required before baby turns 10 days old or the session date.
Payments made in full will received a complimentary mini-maternity session including 1-5 web images posted to facebook and a small print package (1) 5x7, (3) 4x6, and (8) wallets of your favorite poses.

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in the month of April!
I intend to celebrate ALL month long with exclusive offers, special savings and discounted product.

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for what's in store.

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