Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Project 52 - Glimpses week 11


I have an obsession with my weeping cherry tree...

This is nothing new... i love this tree as it is like... one of my children! Well not THAT much but yes it is by far my favorite part of landscape around our house.

It was only WEEKS ago that i took a photo of a branch with buds on it, and a half inch thick layer of ice on it, i was hoping it wouldn't ruin the blooms.

The blooms come and go with a couple of days so catching these rarities are a MUST during spring bloom time.
The first 3 days or so the blooms look like the ones in this photo, then on day 4 and 5 as petals fall sadly to the ground the middle of the flowers start turning pink (top left corner) and we get this most BEAUTIFUL pink and white contrast for less than 30 hours, i guess the pink inside means it's getting ready to die but oh my gosh is death so beautiful in this case.


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