Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bigger is Better | Product Sale | 16x20

Bigger is better....


OK, Ok I am not going to sound like one of those commercials on the radio that I find myself turning the volume down or changing the channel when they come on... YOU know the ones!!

But in photography, everyone thinks of the 8x10 as being THE wall portrait... let me tell ya... if you are one of those people... you surely are missing out!

The first time you see your precious little baby, family etc. in a 20x24 or larger, you will be looking at those 8x10's thinking...

See the example below created by Kennedy Ann Photography

Photo Credit: Kennedy Ann Photography

Until April 11th I will have my 16x20 prints on sale... CRAZY SALE - since it's my FIRST birthday it's going to be an awesome deal....
I mean this price is so CRAZY - i think im going to buy ME one! haha 

So how much is this crazy deal going to cost you ask??

only $25.00!! 

yep you heard me right a 16x20 wall portrait for 25 bucks! 

If you would like it framed in Mhahogany or Black - add $125.00 and you have a ready to hang portrait!

This applies to current and previous clients and your photos that i have done. If you are not a client and have a great photo you would like blown up, you can send it to me and i will send it to my lab.

NOTE: if this photo is a professional photo you will have to supply at print release before i will send it to the lab.

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ALArms Photography will be celebrating it's 1st Annual Birthday
in the month of April!
I intend to celebrate ALL month long with exclusive offers, special savings and discounted product.

I have already given out 4 free mini sessions!! Don't worry if you missed out, there will be more opportunity for money saving AWESOMENESS!

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for what's in store.

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