Sunday, April 29, 2012

Louisville Newborn Photographer | Baby Faith | 1 week old

Can i just say that so far with my newborn experiences, these babies have been super easy to work with, although most have been older than the 10 day limit that we photogs usually desire.

This little girl, is Faith, she was around a week old and has a daddy in the military so we went with an army themed approach, as requested by mom. The results of this shoot were awesome... i was impressed by my own work! Hopefully you are as well.

Again, this mom had a lot of ideas for her shoot which allowed me plenty of poses without much fight out of the little one, she was soo good and the props and poses were super cute! - THANKS MOM YOU ROCK.

Schedule your newborn session while you are still pregnant to assure you will get the date closest to your due date... we can move it if the baby comes earlier or later. So CALL Today 502-435-2066 to schedule!

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