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Tax deadline April 17, 2012 | How to spend your refund & be happy | MSN

Well, the time is here, i HOPE you have filed your taxes...
if not, let me let you in on a little secret, the deadline is tomorrow (April 17, 2012) so you better get your RUN on and hit up the local TAX MAN.

For those of you who have, and already gotten the refund or at least an amount of return you know is coming to you, i thought i would share with you the MSN article on HOW TO SPEND IT (as if that was a problem) - but i mean, spend it in ways that will make you happy!

How to Spend It?
Making prudent but fun decisions with your refund is key -- for example, it's unlikely blowing a wad of cash at a casino will provide lasting happiness. On the other hand, there is plenty of advice about using any extra cash to pay down debt or save for a rainy day. While we do believe these are top priorities, we also believe there are other ways to invest in yourself that will provide enduring happiness.

Here are some gifts that keep giving.

Do Something Out of the Ordinary
Whether it's skydiving or sea urchin sushi, try something you wouldn't normally try. (A less extreme approach might be taking a different route to work or discovering a new restaurant). Roko Belic, the Academy-Award nominated director of the 2012 documentary Happy, told Fitness Magazine that doing something out of the ordinary helps you appreciate what you have and expands your life. So mix it up and try a fresh approach for spring.

Take a 'Me' Moment
These days, life gets so busy that we sometimes forget to set aside time for ourselves. Purchase a gym membership (<- Mark & I did this one) or spa series, start a juice cleanse or vitamin regimen, and jumpstart your future wellbeing. The better you feel, the better those around you feel, and the more positivity you'll invite into your life. Investing in yourself is selfless: the more energy you have, the more you'll be able to serve others, both at work and at home. (Sooo true, people!)

Buy Backup
Whether it's a power outage, hurricane (tornado) or flood, we can all be better prepared for a literal (or virtual) rainy day. If you live in a flood zone, a remote part of the country, or somewhere with an inconsistent power supply, you can avoid electricity outages by purchasing a small backup generator. Household "gensets" cost less than $6,000 and can be a great investment for people who experience regular or intermittent outages. So buy a generator and get a surge of happiness the next time the power in your area goes out -- because you'll be fully electric. Another option: purchase a backup system for your computer files, and be prepared for future computer crashes.

Adopt a Pet
According to the Times of India, research has proven time and time again that pet owners tend to be healthier and happier than those who do not have pets at home. So if you've ever dreamed of owning a dog or cat, now might be the opportune time to make the investment.
Nearly 40 percent of dogs do not make it through their first year with their first owner, and instead are returned to their breeder, given to a shelter, euthanized, or abandoned, according to statistics gathered by the U.S. Humane Society. So check out your local animal shelters, because there are plenty of perfectly healthy dogs and cats that need a home. If you adopt a pet, the initial costs might be low -- but you'll need to save and budget those reclaimed tax dollars to pay for future food, boarding, and medical bills, which can add up. Create a "pet account" with your tax return and set aside funds for Fido.

Give a Little
You might balk at giving away money you just got back, but it might be the best way to spend this year's tax refund if you aim to be happier. According to Harvard Business School findings, there is a direct correlation between giving and happiness: happier people give more, and giving makes people happier. So be happy, and put those tax refund dollars to good work by donating them to a meaningful charity or organization.

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