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FAQ Friday| Louisville Photographer

 Frequently Asked Questions Friday:

This is a NEW Friday Series to help people who view my work or my blog understand how I work, my business specifics or point of views, or even technical questions that you may have. 

Email me YOUR question: 

If your question is featured on the FAQ Friday, even if your question is already on FAQ page I will answer it and elaborate a little more for your so you can get a full understanding of me, my business or future sessions with me. 


The Question:

Why choose ALArms Photography?

The Answer:

 (from the FAQ page)

"When choosing a photographer for you and your family, it can be difficult, as there are many different photographers with as many different styles. Most photographers have a certain style and approach to their art. It's important for you to make sure that I have a style as well as prices that fit what you are looking for. Please take a look through my galleries to get a feel for the kind of images you can expect from ALArms Photography. I strive to offer my clients an enjoyable, relaxed and most importantly, fun session that focuses on you and your family. I only schedule one to three sessions per week, to ensure you get the best possible attention to detail. The result will be memories and portraits that you will cherish for a lifetime because they are true to you."


The following quote is from a client - a person whom i had never met prior to our session. Someone who was a COMPLETE stranger, prior to our photo session said this about me and my work...

BEST EVER and i feel says A LOT about how my sessions go.

"she did an amazing job and was very sweet and professional. I felt like a friend, not a client." - Lonikay

If you want a fun and different look to the traditional family portrait | this is it

If you want to have FUN during your photo shoot and not sit in a boring, mundane waiting room while your children grow more and more bored and unruly | you've found it

If you want a photographer that is there for you and takes your opinion and desires in to consideration, rather than being ordered around the whole session | I'm your girl 

If you want beautiful memories hanging on your wall | you've got it

If you want print packages, with YOUR favorite poses | I give you that choice

If you want print packages with a variety of poses and not being forced to choose just one of your favorite poses | I give you that opportunity

When ALArms Photography was born, I had YOU in mind! 

Maybe you and I have never met, maybe we have been friends forever but I was thinking of YOU... the consumer... that's right! 
When I created my session pricing and product pricing I was looking at these prices as a consumer, as if I was the purchaser. 

I tried to take everything I disliked about those "offers" the chain store package "deals" and pricing and make it something I WOULD be interested in. Since i like a bargain... i believe i have VERY REASONABLE prices!

The reason my photography business is such a "good deal" (i have recently taken a little critique about how low my pricing is) is because I have a full time job that pays my bills. I am not trying to pay my bills through my photography, it's what i do because i love it... 

for the longest time i didn't want to charge people and i felt bad charging period but my husband told me that i was going to have to start charging or stop doing it because it was keeping me away from my children and him and that was fine for every now and then but if i was going to do this as a side gig i needed to be compensated for the time i am away from my family.

Apparently i have "under-compensated" myself see a few comments below on my pricing list from my fellow photographers...

" are giving yourself away!" - Dawn|Photographer

"Your prices are very low and it seems almost impossible that you could be making a profit." - Leigh|Photographer

"It looks to me like you are giving your talents away!" - Cami|Photographer
I think my pricing and packages are pretty reasonable and because i do have a full time job i am not trying to survive off my rates. Likely in the future i will continue to modify and change pricing but it will be a while before i have fully professional pricing... probably when i am doing this as my full time profession!

Remember if you have any questions you would like to ask email me at!

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