Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Large Prints 65% off Sale | Size Matters

For the entire month of July all enlargements will be on sale and when I say sale... I mean...  it's like you just found a pair of $150.00 (insert your favorite brand name here) pair of jeans on the clearance rack for 30 bucks kind of sale!

My lab is reducing pricing for me, in turn, I am reducing pricing for you!
This is likely to be the largest discounted price on enlargements ever - I mean 30% is a great discount and I am talking LOWER than that - LOWER than 50% and that is an awesome discount! How does this sound:

65% Discount! 
The fabulously displayed 30x40, usually $385.00 just for the print alone is now on sale for only $134.75 other enlargements and mounting options are below. I do have to say if you have been thinking about an photo wall arrangement or filling some empty space behind the couch, bed or even in the hallways, NOW is the time to get large prints. 

Enlargement pricing:
11x14: $110.00 is now only $38.50
16x20: $200.00 is now only $70.00
20x30: $245.00 is now only $85.75
24x30: $280.00 is now only $98.00 
30x40: $385.00 is now only $134.75

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