Monday, June 11, 2012

What to Wear | Month of June

June, the month of Warmth!

These boards are to school you on up coming fashions and to simply inspire clients attire, because the days of khakis/jeans and white button down shirts/Polo's for the entire family are LONG GONE!
Here are some ideas for fun pops of color in your shoot.

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New Fashions Available June 12th
These fashion boards for what to wear for your session guides are merely to give you an idea of would work well in your photography shoot or what I would love to see a client wear.
These fun little boards are NOT to make you go purchase these exact selections on the day they come out at the store nor are they designed to diminish your own sense of style.
By all means I want you to come to your session fully dressed in the attire that screams "ME" because those will be the photos that best represent YOU at this moment in time.

Rummage your closet and pull something together to emulate these fashions.
For family sessions start with the family member that has the least amount of items to work with, then select a color that is common to the whole family's wardrobe or that can be coordinated with another common color of the family's attire.
Then go to the next family members closet and choose something that coordinates with what you have just chosen. This does NOT mean choosing the SAME exact color but a choice with the same color family or style.
Continue this until everyone has an outfit, then lay them out next to each other to make sure they actually do look well side by side, layered, etc.
A new fashion board will be posted monthly, but if you need MORE fashion boards, RIGHT NOW...

Please visit my Pinterest board of "Inspire my clients style"
Check out the Senior Pose n Clothes board as well. 

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