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Why Senior Photography? | Jefferson & Bullitt County Senior Photographer | Testimonial

Meet Lindsey - Nelson County High School Senior Model Representative for ALArms Photography's Senior Model Program 2012.

The reason you are just now "meeting" her is because she waited until almost the END of the school year to get her photos taken... geeshh!!

But as a good photographer "should" I went ahead an helped her out because, I'm just that kind of person! A lot of photogs would have seen no benefit or gain for them, thus turning her away and saying "you lost your chance". But she did help me find my Nelson County Rep for 2013 so YAY for that and a HUGE thank you for your help this year!

Because Lindsey was so excited about the program but ultimately didn't have that much time to actually "build" credits towards her prints I wanted to try to involve her in other ways than what I had set up as my 2012 Senior Rep program...

So I decided to use her as an example of WHY NOT to wait and from her own words describe the experience she had as an ALArms Photography Senior Model! 

My Senior Portrait Experience
by: Lindsey Lawrence, class of 2012 Nelson County High School

 ALArms photography is a well organized and well planned photography business but don't think your experience will be boring. I've never experienced a photography session like this or known a photographer that was so inclined to be in contact in such a fun way, we talked about the shoot beforehand so I was able to tell her exactly what I wanted.

It really was all about ME!

Waiting for the session date to come, she recommended I get on Pinterest and pin some photos that I liked. I would text, email and even facebook her with other ideas that I had found or came up with and we talked about my outfits and what she thought would look great, she was so on the same page with me, it was awesome.

When it was time for the shoot, rain was in the forecast, I texted her to see if we needed to cancel and she told me, as long as there isn't a down pour, she'd see me there and to bring an umbrella! WOW!

I had so much fun on my photo shoot, we cracked up and laughed the whole time and I had a blast laughing at myself but I felt comfortable in my own shoes because it felt like we were just friends, hanging out at the park. 

I felt like a true model and was more confident and comfortable with posing than I've ever been, it never felt awkward, stiff or weird and when it did feel weird , like "why is my hand on my face like this?" she would take the picture and then turn the camera around to show me this beautiful portrait of ME and I couldn't believe that it turned out like that!

It's crazy what happens during the session, it's like she somehow makes an amazing studio everywhere she goes. I knew when it started raining and we kept going that Amanda was in it for me and not my money and you'd never know it even rained with the amazing pictures she took.

All my friends were loving the rep cards she gave me to hand out and I got so many compliments and comments on my facebook where she tagged my pics , it was CRAZY! She made it so easy to spread the word about her work because those rep cards were so much fun passing out, people kept telling me how great I looked, so it made me feel like a "big deal"! 

OH and thanks to Amanda my face was on my graduation cake.... can you say cool??

I'm so happy I got the chance to get my senior pictures professionally done because everyone says "high school is the best time of your life", if that's true and this is the best it gets, I never want to forget it.

I loved high school and I got to showcase all my accomplishments throughout it and FFA.

I would suggest to ALL seniors to get their pictures done professionally because when they get older, having something to remind them of everything they accomplished will be worth the time and money spent, and they wont regret it with Amanda and ALArms photography.
Thanks Amanda for giving me the super ROCK STAR treatment! It was a day I won't soon forget! (:

Email if you should be interested in a Senior Photography Session for you or your senior!


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