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FAQ Fridays | My Child Won't Sit Still | Louisvilles Child Photographer

 Here is a concern I hear a lot with parents of small children....


"My child won’t sit still and I’m concerned with how s/he will do during the session."


Children are so much fun to shoot – (I love the play on words) ha

Smaller children, especially those that have just learned to walk are especially fun during photo sessions… if you think posed or studio sessions will work with these kids, think again! This is ultimately the reason I specialize in children sessions because they have the freedom to run around and play outside, I am catching them in their element not trying to stop them from curiosity and MAKE them smile about it. 

A session with me will be like play time and I will probably break a sweat from all the running around and "playing". haha But I feel a child should be able to be a child at all times! 

If you think we are going to take them outside where they are expected to stay still for my camera, this is not a reality, BUT, chasing them and playing peek a boo is! Getting real smiles will be so much easier when I let them do what they want!

The most important thing in all sessions no matter what kind of session it is... is FUN!! All clients should have FUN on their shoot and that includes children!

I want it to feel like we are just hanging out at the park with no pressure to "preform" like in a studio. Running and curiosity are the things kids are interested in when they are outside and I like to catch that in the photographs.

Don't worry...  all the photos will not be of running and goofy antics but I have two small children of my own and I know with them I am only going to get great photos if it's what THEY want to do. If I try to force the issue or make them sit, stand, smile etc. they only get aggravated and I get images that are... ehhh so so at BEST!

A Note for Parents: 

PLEASE don’t try to get the child to do something they don’t want to do, this only further aggravates them while making my job difficult. It’s best to ask them to do something and see if they agree, if not we will take another approach, maybe a tiny little bribe will work but please don’t hold it over their head the whole time trying to get them to do what you want.

If your not "cool" with bribes such as candy, bring an item(s) from home that you know consoles your child when they are feeling down, shy or upset. Obviously if your child loves this item enough to let it change a mood for them wouldn't you WANT them to have a professional photo taken with it? As a parent, I KNOW I would!  

And lastly don't stress over your child's performance in front of the camera, they know when you're stress and it makes them stressed! More than likely I will get the shots you will adore but if for whatever reason your little booger simply refuses to cooperate we can reschedule the shoot, no problem!  

the short n sweet answer is... "NO Worries Mom, I got this!" :o)


You could always just bring a costume and a lets get REAL crazy! haha

Taken with a cell phone but for a while this was the only way i could get a picture of my little handsome man... OR he would hold up a toy right in front of his face!









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