Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Glimpses week 32 | Project 52 | a new beginning

 Here it is... week 32 of the Glimpses weekly project and I have been so busy I haven't been able to keep up with my personal project! I mean I have been taking photos of my family, with the intention to post in Glimpses but yeah as you can see my intentions don't go very far!

HOWEVER, it's an important week in the Arms household as my little baby boy begins to spread his independent little wings and after spending about $200 on supplies, uniforms, shoes etc. he is rightfully labeled a 

:::wait for it:::



OK I'm back... haha

Ok ok enough shenanigans... 

The first day of school was Wednesday and Mark and I walked him to school, more like we walked and he RAN. We got there and he found his classroom and his seat all by himself. He was given a worksheet to work on and had it half completed before Mark and I decided it was time for us to go. As we were walking out Mark had to take one last little peek in the classroom before we ventured home, talking about what a little man he has become. "Holy CRAP, we have a kid in school!" my husband exclaimed... haha I said "YEAH hun... i know!" deep sighhh 

It's such a weird feeling that I have - I am not a "helicopter" parent because I let my child do things in his own age appropriate independence, i try to let him mess up and make mistakes and I want him to be his own little self but my main thought about him being in school is... CHOICES!

yep you read that right... my child has more freedom to make his own choices and while that should be like DUH to some, for me it's angst because he is still only 5 years old, obviously he is still my baby and i just want him to make good choices and with the influence of others to sway his decisions, that is what makes me nervous because he doesn't know you can't trust everyone, he has a big heart and thinks everyone else does to. I don't want to take that thought way from him because that's the end of innocents, but how do you go about doing it with out terrifying  him about certain things.

Take yesterday for example, he watched a video in health class on germ and literally started crying because his throat hurt, grant it, we all are having some allergy issues right now so it quite possibly could have hurt but then when he came home he was 10 shades of paranoid about the computer keyboard and was talking about it like it was a monster!

In his big “DRAMA” voice… "mom I touched the keyboard and then I touched your hair… go wash it!" then before he went to sleep last night he asked… "are you going to wash your hair?" and it's not like he hasn't learned about germs before, i guess he has just never seen a "movie" about it. i don't, maybe I'm crazy...

Am I the only one with reservations like this?

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