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Portrait Parties | Louisville Pic Parties | You, Your Friends & My Camera


Much like the awesome home parties similar to Thirty-One, Mary Kay, Avon, or Scentsy, a portrait party is just the same.
You get together in your home or preferred location with a bunch of your friends and take pictures! You can make as much or as little in the actual “Party” as you prefer. You can provide snacks, music and other party favors as you see fit!

Children and/or High School Seniors can get together with their friends and strike a pose for the camera.  A Portrait Party could be for any age, although I am a child and senior photographer I don’t have any complaints if the moms want to have a MOMMA’S DAY OUT leaving the kids with Dad to get all fancy and take pictures or even a combo party for moms and daughters, also great for birthday parties, play dates, sweet 16, graduation, or just a simple pamper me day!
Here's how it works:

Portrait Parties allow the hostess to earn their session for free as well as credits toward their purchases. For every $100 each attendee spends in purchases, the hostess will receive $10.00 credit toward her own purchase.
You invite your friends, (a minimum of four must attend); each attendee who will be having their photos taken will pay an entrance fee of only $40.00 (a session fee savings of $60.00).
You and each attendee will get about 20 to 30 minutes total of individual shoot time as well as some group shots.
From this, you and each attendee will have a selection of 5 –10 photos to choose from for collections or a la carte’ purchases.
As a bonus if your party has 4 or more people, you will receive a FREE phone app of your individual and group gallery photos.

As an additional/optional service, if you would like to have hair, makeup and a clothing stylist around for your fashion desires, the entrance fee for that optional service is only $75.00 (a session fee savings of $75.00).
If one person is interested and the rest are not, that's OK... not everyone will have to pay the stylist fee, only those who want that service.

Portrait Parties should be scheduled at least 3 to 4 weeks in advance to allow enough time for people to make plans to be there. You should invite more than 4 people so that you are more likely to get 4 people to come. We will design an email invite for your invitation list as well as timeline or wall invite to post on facebook for invitees to be tagged in.

Again these portrait party sessions will be a great excuse to get together by its self - however if you need further reason to get your portrait party on, try these themes on for size.

Birthday Party - 5, 10, 21, 30 years old?
Graduation (celebrate that last year of high school or college with your friends)
Generations (great for the families generation portraits with, new baby, mom, grandma, great-grandma etc.)
Baby Shower (exciting way to memorialize the bump with all moms friends or all of his or her aunts and uncles)
Sweet 16 (Party like a rock star and look like one too with your friends)
Play Dates (great for new moms n tots)
Cousins Day (get all the cousins together, great for grandparent gifts)
Brother & Sisters Day (get all the siblings together, great for parent gifts like mothers day or fathers day)
Mom & Daughter Day (just a day for the girls to bond and strike a pose together)

Regardless of the theme you choose, the experience will be super fun and affordable at the same time.

So call me today to schedule your portrait party.


What they are saying about Portrait Party Sessions:

"Loving Megan's pictures from her photo shoot with you!!! They are Ah-Mazing!!! She had the best time with you & all the other girls :) Thanks to you & Darlin Josie for making her feel SO special!" - Renee

"My experience with Amanda was amazing. I love the way Tonya (Darlin Josie) did my makeup I felt beautiful and she was so nice. I had a really fun time with all the girls it was nothing serious we all just got to have a fun time.  Everybody was saying how beautiful I was and that made me very happy. The pictures that Amanda took of me were probably the best pictures any one has ever taken of me and that is a lot. Amanda made everything so easy. She was being really nice to everybody a lot of the times she made me laugh. I think everybody should have their photos taken with her." - Chelcee

"Wow so beautiful!! I am in tears! My niece is all grown up! So pretty, she looks like a Super Model!" - Tara

"Wow, Amanda, My breath literally caught when I saw the picture of Hanna. How amazingly beautiful - all of them!" - Nikki

"You make everything very relaxing and fun. Chelcee had a wonderful time. She felt like a princess, Tonya  (Darlin Josie) is a wonderful make up and hair artist, she made her feel relaxed while she was very nervous. You are very professional, creative, and make the session a very good time. I would have expected to pay around $300 to $350 for all you guys did. I can't say enough good things about your business, I have recommended you to every one I know and when I show them Chelcees picture they are amazed."  - Camron


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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Louisville makeover photographer | glam girl

I am entering this photo in a photography challenge. Photo Challenge Submission
Go check it out

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cherish your babies | Louisville's Child, Tween & Senior Photographer

Take a moment to think back at the most amazing day of your life... even if you hadn't slept or had a shower in more than 24 hours, your hair was probably in a "ponyblob", there was absolutely zero makeup to be found and your body was definitely not at it's "ideal weight"!!

Obviously, I am not talking about the day you met your husband or even your wedding day, but the day you had your first child! The day you met and felt what TRUE love really feels like.

The day that you went from daughter to mother... when you realized, Mom was right... she has always been right, and wow i never knew she loved me THIS much! You suddenly are wisped away and placed directly in YOUR mothers shoes and have never felt more appreciative of her or so ready to be the best mother to a person you just met.

So many things change the moment you have your first child... feelings become heightend and more appearent than ever before and OH that GLORIOUS moment when you hear that first beautiful cry, your life is never the same. I mean NEVER EVER the same..

As i sit here writing this i have a 5 year old sitting on the back of my chair pushing all of his body weight on to my back with a hand full of my hair for a safety anchor, while the 2 year old is running around the house naked demanding to "take a baff" or "watch dora". Not unlike any other moment in my life, a simple one word description of this life that i love and wouldn't trade for the sun or the moon: 


As a mom, i know you can relate, I know your time is precious, i know your hard earned money is precious but your children really are the most precious thing this life has to offer...

For a lot of us, our children give us purpose! That ol' saying about having a child means you have your heart walking outside of your body for the rest of your life is so true!

As every mom knows, they don't stay little for long. They grow, they get bigger, there are ups and downs, there are all kinds of uncertainties, worries and joys and then they move, maybe to another state, maybe just down the street but one thing you know for sure, they will never be this small again... they will never be THIS age again.  So CHERISH it in all it's crazy glory - one day you will MISS it, as hard as that may be to imagine right now.

It's amazing how much changes in a year and if you are not getting your children's portraits taken at least that much i hope you are sublimenting with snap shots and printing them out because anything can happen to your facebook and other networking sites that you love posting your photos. DO NOT rely on your laptop, PC or smart phone to hold all those digital images either... crashes happen people... and it's an UGLY and HEARTBREAKING thing!

There are so many excuses we use as busy moms... but seriously everything we hold dear to our hearts should be memorialized.

Don't worry if your child won't sit still for my camera, that is why i shoot outside in your childs element... that is the beauty of CUSTOM photography and there is no better way to get those adorable smiles you love than to play peek a boo in the park. Acting a fool is my forte and trust me i haven't met a child who doesn't like me to date... that's a pretty great 33, almost 34 year run of AWESOMENESS! haha

The moral of the post is... Cherish your babies... every wild, crazy, sleepless, annoying, beautiful moment of motherhood must be held on to for as long as time will allow.

Whether your child is a newborn, 5, 14, or 30 they will always be your baby but they will NEVER be this small again (even at 30, lol).

Take advantage of this time you have... do it NOW because you don't get a second chance, once the time is gone, it's gone.

Let me help you hold on to your babies through photographs!
Timeless portraits hanging on your wall until your grandkids can point and say who is that?

Your response "thats my baby!"

502-435-2066 |
Get in touch NOW to schedule your childs session, don't forget about portrait parties, get a handful of your childs friends together and earn a free session and print credits!

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

All Glammed Up | Louisville Makeover Photographer | GLAM

I just wanted to share with you guys some before and after shots of a few GLAM sessions.
 Linzy Says about her Shoot:
 "Amanda did an amazing job! the photos were perfect and I had a great time getting fixed up and feeling like a super model for a day with my friend"
Only $50 additional to the regular session fee you get a trained cosmotolgist to do your make up, hair style AND style your clothing options. It's a NEW you look without the NEW YOU PRICE!
 Alyse says about her shoot:
"it was a lot of fun getting dolled up and having pics taken with my best friend and I love how the pics turned out"
During a GLAM session Tonya will take what you ALREADY HAVE and turn it into a completely different look for your photo session!
Beth says about her session:
"I had an amazing time at my shoot with ALArms Photography, she was such a fun photographer to have, she asked me what I wanted and threw in some ideas of her own to make my pics turn out beautifully. My husband LOVED them, the pricing was very reasonable and she had my pics done within a few days!"

And it's not just for Tweens, Seniors or early Twenty somethings, it's for MOM's too... Let your hair down and have a GLAM styled photo session and give your husband a nice Birthday present!

Tonya Says about her Shoot:

"My session was so much fun! This momma needed a boost. I'm always in my so called mommy gear or as my hubby says" it looks as if I am running a marathon daily"! So wearing make up and getting dressed up in the fashion I love was much needed. Loved every minute! Amanda is fabulous!"

Call me today to set up your GLAM shoot! Mention this blog post and save $25.00 off the session fee!

Tell your friends and if they book get $50.00 off the session fee! 

502-435-2066 or email me at

Don't forget to ask me how you can get a FREE session and earn print credits!

Can't wait to hear from you and see YOUR before and afters on my site!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Downtown Louisville Senior | High School Senior Photographer | Holy Cross High School

A gorgeous girl in a dirty world...

the urban background is really one of my favorites to showcase a young fresh face High School Senior girl because the contrast is awesome. You have a pretty young innocent girl in a this filthy, beat up and "seasoned" environment.

It's funny how dirty Morgan actually got in this shoot, she was covered from head to toe in railroad grease!

Seniors are so fun, fresh and full of possibilities i think that's what is so fun about shooting seniors... they give off such optimism of what lies ahead of them. I try to tell all of my seniors to never give up on their dreams, it's important to let each and every one of them know, they can do whatever they put the effort towards!

"Don't replace your dreams for growth or knowledge, always keep them, ADD growth and knowledge then call them GOALS & You'll reach your every potential!! ♥" ~ Amanda Arms

Check out Morgan a c/o 2013 Senior at Holy Cross High School!

I am now looking for 2014 senior reps to be "the FACE" of ALArms Photography

Reps get a free session, a discounted session, free product and other opportunities!

To fill out an application to be considered as a senior rep for ALArms Photography... click the following link or paste the following in your web browser:

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bullitt County | Mt. Washington Senior Photographer

How do you give a guy so much "swag" in one session?
Get your Senior photos taken with ALArms Photography!
Choose your location, choose your outfits, choose your style...
then, let me do the rest!
It's amazing when a senior and their photographer collide...
this is what happens!
Ryan c/o 2013 Bullitt East High School

I am now looking for 2014 senior reps to be "the FACE" of ALArms Photography

Reps get a free session, a discounted session, free product and other opportunities!

To fill out an application to be considered as a senior rep for ALArms Photography... click the following link or paste the following in your web browser:

More SENIOR Information:

Survivor or Fighter | Celebrate Life!
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