Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Downtown Louisville Senior | High School Senior Photographer | Holy Cross High School

A gorgeous girl in a dirty world...

the urban background is really one of my favorites to showcase a young fresh face High School Senior girl because the contrast is awesome. You have a pretty young innocent girl in a this filthy, beat up and "seasoned" environment.

It's funny how dirty Morgan actually got in this shoot, she was covered from head to toe in railroad grease!

Seniors are so fun, fresh and full of possibilities i think that's what is so fun about shooting seniors... they give off such optimism of what lies ahead of them. I try to tell all of my seniors to never give up on their dreams, it's important to let each and every one of them know, they can do whatever they put the effort towards!

"Don't replace your dreams for growth or knowledge, always keep them, ADD growth and knowledge then call them GOALS & You'll reach your every potential!! ♥" ~ Amanda Arms

Check out Morgan a c/o 2013 Senior at Holy Cross High School!

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More SENIOR Information:

Survivor or Fighter | Celebrate Life!
I am a Participating Photographer for


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