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Cherish your babies | Louisville's Child, Tween & Senior Photographer

Take a moment to think back at the most amazing day of your life... even if you hadn't slept or had a shower in more than 24 hours, your hair was probably in a "ponyblob", there was absolutely zero makeup to be found and your body was definitely not at it's "ideal weight"!!

Obviously, I am not talking about the day you met your husband or even your wedding day, but the day you had your first child! The day you met and felt what TRUE love really feels like.

The day that you went from daughter to mother... when you realized, Mom was right... she has always been right, and wow i never knew she loved me THIS much! You suddenly are wisped away and placed directly in YOUR mothers shoes and have never felt more appreciative of her or so ready to be the best mother to a person you just met.

So many things change the moment you have your first child... feelings become heightend and more appearent than ever before and OH that GLORIOUS moment when you hear that first beautiful cry, your life is never the same. I mean NEVER EVER the same..

As i sit here writing this i have a 5 year old sitting on the back of my chair pushing all of his body weight on to my back with a hand full of my hair for a safety anchor, while the 2 year old is running around the house naked demanding to "take a baff" or "watch dora". Not unlike any other moment in my life, a simple one word description of this life that i love and wouldn't trade for the sun or the moon: 


As a mom, i know you can relate, I know your time is precious, i know your hard earned money is precious but your children really are the most precious thing this life has to offer...

For a lot of us, our children give us purpose! That ol' saying about having a child means you have your heart walking outside of your body for the rest of your life is so true!

As every mom knows, they don't stay little for long. They grow, they get bigger, there are ups and downs, there are all kinds of uncertainties, worries and joys and then they move, maybe to another state, maybe just down the street but one thing you know for sure, they will never be this small again... they will never be THIS age again.  So CHERISH it in all it's crazy glory - one day you will MISS it, as hard as that may be to imagine right now.

It's amazing how much changes in a year and if you are not getting your children's portraits taken at least that much i hope you are sublimenting with snap shots and printing them out because anything can happen to your facebook and other networking sites that you love posting your photos. DO NOT rely on your laptop, PC or smart phone to hold all those digital images either... crashes happen people... and it's an UGLY and HEARTBREAKING thing!

There are so many excuses we use as busy moms... but seriously everything we hold dear to our hearts should be memorialized.

Don't worry if your child won't sit still for my camera, that is why i shoot outside in your childs element... that is the beauty of CUSTOM photography and there is no better way to get those adorable smiles you love than to play peek a boo in the park. Acting a fool is my forte and trust me i haven't met a child who doesn't like me to date... that's a pretty great 33, almost 34 year run of AWESOMENESS! haha

The moral of the post is... Cherish your babies... every wild, crazy, sleepless, annoying, beautiful moment of motherhood must be held on to for as long as time will allow.

Whether your child is a newborn, 5, 14, or 30 they will always be your baby but they will NEVER be this small again (even at 30, lol).

Take advantage of this time you have... do it NOW because you don't get a second chance, once the time is gone, it's gone.

Let me help you hold on to your babies through photographs!
Timeless portraits hanging on your wall until your grandkids can point and say who is that?

Your response "thats my baby!"

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