Sunday, September 7, 2014

Three going on 18 | Louisville Child Photography

 My daughter is finally getting to that great age where she will actually cooperate a little during a session; only about 20 minutes worth, I haven't had this much cooperation from her since she was a newborn and couldn't talk back or walk away from me! haha
It's hard being both mom and photographer all in the same session. So much so, I debated on having her photos taken professionally by someone else or doing them myself and well... I guess you can tell the result of that thought! :o)
My tiny little beautiful princess is growing up on me. Knowing that she is the last baby I will have... makes me fully aware how quickly she is becoming a child and not a baby. I try my hardest to suck every square inch of "baby" I can get out of her but I do realize that she is getting to be a big girl and she has no problem letting me know as well.

Four is more like big girl rather than baby girl. 
Four is dressing herself and making choices for herself.
 Four is Pre-School with curriculum and not just daycare. 
  Four is the beginning of more Independence and less "I need mom".
In 36 more days my little girl will be 4 and although I'm not a "crier" I do believe I may shed a tear or 4 that day.

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