Thursday, June 25, 2015

Big Changes | Louisville Children Photographer | Child Photography

Thinking back to when I started this thing with the THREE P's (a point and shoot, picmonkey and "passion")... back when it was just a hobby and I was still wild eyed, unconfident in my skill and totally new to this photographer gig:

Now, don't get me wrong; hear me out.

Back in the very beginning before there was an ALArms Photography facebook page there was about a year or so where I would take photos for 50 bucks, I half way felt bad for charging for my photography; one, because I loved it so much and wanted to give my friends something awesome, two, because I knew I wasn't "good enough" to charge for these kind of pictures. However, I was saving up my session fee money to purchase a real DSLR camera and it was a slow moving process but one that I was wholeheartedly willing to work for, like a second job. A blessing came and I was able to have a DSLR faster than Plan A was going to allow... thanks to Joe Wantland (my boss) I was able to kick start this venture for real!

During this new venture in my life I had a few "clients", more like friends that helped me along the way by letting me practice on them and their families, I am lucky enough to still call them friends today and am fortunate enough that a few of them stuck with me during my over editing overundercharging and crazy white balance issues of the past.

A lot of things have changed since 2009 in the real world and in MY world but one thing remains the same..

I am forever learning but I feel confident, worthy and of course always grateful for each and every one of my clients.Without YOU there would be no this. So thank you for that your continued support and trust in my abilities to capture the best you I can... I'm sure one day I will look back on 2015 and think, "gosh, you can tell I was still learning" but that is something I will always do especially in photography. I want to provide the best images of you and your little ones that I can. Growth can not happen without change so let the changes continue...

as the changes continue; 2016 is going to offer more than ever for ALArms Photography and YOU! Soon there will be a big announcement in regard to those changes so you will want to be on the list to receive those awesomesauce newsletters. 

Now here are some images of a returning client who has stuck with me since the beginning.... enjoy!

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