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Sexy Boudie Minis | Louisville Boudoir Photography

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If you have ever thought about boudoir photography, now is your chance... 
Come to the awesomesauce bed and breakfast suites at Pepin Mansion to get 30 minutes of shoot time in one outfit. You will get a password protected gallery of your images for 2 weeks and your selection of 5 of your favorite images for download with a print release. This will be a very limited opportunity so confirm now by selecting your time slot below!


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Caution... the following images could be viewed as inappropriate for the work place or any other public place you may be in at this moment... but nothing deemed rated R or even PG13 in my opinion.

Being new to the Boudoir field I knew I wanted to get my foot in this part of the business because I am all about females embracing their imperfect perfections and loving themselves, but I never imagined how much FUN it would actually be. The satisfaction of a job well done (the part where I am patting myself on the back) is so much more emotional and just on a totally different level than anything else that I have been use to.Because I am a female so I have been in these critical shoes before but I have vowed to stop the judgments, stop the critical comments and emotional tearing apart of myself... I am on a positive train one that is about UPLIFTING my fellow female friends and strangers. Boudoir isn't for everyone but for some... it's an important part of self discovery. 

Once the idea was stuck in my head I put a model call out on my personal facebook, I figured I'd rather have people I know be my guinea pigs! haha

Jenn responded to my model call and we set up our date and time, discussed the different looks she wanted to go for and the ones I wanted to try... then her husband threw in his thoughts as well! haha 

Jenn AND her husband gave me full permission to post her photos of her session. I made sure to include this bit because I want women to know that everything will be kept confidential and fully private for regular boudoir sessions.

Jenn was amazing and we worked well over our scheduled time slot but she was doing such a great job and we were having so much fun, I wanted to keep going but hunger became an issue and before anyone got "HANGRY" I decided we had enough material.

Tip #1. both the client and model should EAT before the session! 

So I work on the session and am looking at some GREAT images. I get so excited, I can't wait to show her so I post a little peek on facebook,
it was just a simple head shot... but it's a gorgeous one that I was pretty proud of. 
<-- see 

Jenn's husband comments on the photo "Thank you for giving her a glimpse of what I see in her everyday!"

OHHH my heart began to sing and I was like this is IT - I love this boudoir stuff!

Then Jenn comments on the same thread, "Amanda I'll never be able to thank you enough! This has been an amazing experience that I'll remember for a very long time!"

Yep that just happened... I was so excited to know that, one; they love the photos and two; I could be trusted to take some pretty intimate setting photos and rock it out like nobody's business! LOL

So I share this and get so excited and so moved by the whole experience just knowing that I have helped someone love themselves just a little bit more. I by no means feel like Jenn had any kind of self hate or body image issues, that is not the case but just like you (if your female) and me... every day that we look in the mirror and we see our body changing whether it is in a good or bad way, we females are so unbelievably hard on ourselves. Even those of us who are "happy" with our body don't really feel sexy on the daily and seeing yourself in this light... with this glow... yeah - it's changing!! I am so glad to be able to have a part in that! :D

enjoy the photos...

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