Well HELLO there... thanks for having an interest in learning who I am.

Photo: Tammy Stayton Photography
So you want to learn more about the photog behind all these images you have been seeing here and there?

Well let me tell ya... BUSY!

Yep, busy Mom, pretty much sums it up!

Well that was easy, thanks for stopping by!

Wait, your still reading... was that not sufficient? lol

Ok so obviously if you're still here you want to know more. Well HECK YEAH, I like you already!! :o)
I am a born and raised "Louisvilleian". Louisville, KY baby, where the fillies & thoroughbreds roam - and don't even try to forget about our sporting abilities! University of Louisville and University of Kentucky are holding down basketball y'all! #L1C4 & #BBN

I am mom, wife, legal assistant, children & senior portrait photographer, over user of LOL's and smiley faces, OH and in my spare time I like to work out, cardio kickboxing, zumba or just a bag of doughnuts and some DVR'd Biggest Loser. Hey, don't judge, it counts in my book! :P

Ask someone who knows me personally and they will tell ya, I am loyal, dependable, honest and trustworthy. They'd probably say DORK too... By instinct, I search these same qualities in the personalities of everyone I meet! I am a perfectionist and I put nothing but 100% effort into every project, that includes YOUR session too. It's in my nature to please people so that's what I try to do. I am the hardest to please so if I am happy with the end result, I just KNOW you are going to ell. ohh. vee. eee. LOVE it!

My favorite photos are REAL. BOLD. and capture the natural interactions, such as natural facial expressions and reactions. A small child's curiosity, wonder and the always favorite "pouty lip". I love candid moments like these!
However, Creative by nature, I am always thinking of new ways to turn that “same ol' portrait” into something new and fresh.
I love taking a fresh faced high school senior who is nervous and stiff in the beginning of a session and turn her into a magazine model right before mom's eyes! By the end of the session she is striking a pose that even Tyra Banks would say... "DAMN GIRL!". 
It gives me so much excitement, thrill and satisfaction when I show a girl and her mom the back of my camera during a session and their reactions are that of "Wow", "I LOOOVE THAT" & my personal favorite "OMG, that looks like something out of a magazine!" (true story). Even better is when a stranger becomes a friend... I can't tell you how many times I have started a session with a "nice to meet you" hand shake and ended it with a heartfelt "I had so much fun" hug!
My best ideas come to me right before going to DO NOT DISTURB! Ha! Oh & speaking of “HA” - I do a lot of laughing and am not afraid to laugh at myself… or YOU for that matter! It’s all in good fun though so why don't you go ahead and schedule your session right now so we can hang out and create some amazing, awesome, brilliantly fabulous images together, I can't wait to hear from you!

AmandaAbout ALArms Photography:

Ok first, it's pronounced A. L. Arms Photography... It's my initials not, alarms photography! :o) Now that we got that straight...

My objective from initial contact to final product is to offer my clients a personal, fun experience and beautiful photographs, full of smiles, memories and lots of laughs. I am enthusiastic to create beautiful images and share them with my clients. I get such joy and fulfillment out of seeing someone view their photos being as excited and pleased with the images as I was creating them. I have high hopes that my clients and their families enjoy my work for years to come.

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